Part 1.
Here we start
Anastasia Babicheva and Stella Loshchinina speak about
  • What is “Art of Non-Violent Relations” program, and how it appeared
  • How non-violence relates to emotional intelligence
  • What this video course is about, and how to use it

Key ideas

Prevention of violence, both experienced and applied, is one of the most relevant problems in connection with teens and youths all over the world.
This video course helps not only to answer the questions “what to do in case of violence?” and “what personally I can do?”, but also to acquire certain emotional skills.
Social emotional intelligence skills help, on the one hand, to better guard one’s own personal boundaries, and on the other hand, not to breach personal boundaries of others, even when we feel aggressive.
Researches prove that violence, experienced by a person, reduces the level of his or her emotional intelligence. In its turn, a reduced level of emotional intelligence makes risks of violence higher.
That’s why it seems relevant to put effort into developing emotional skills, thus reducing the risks. That’s what the “Art of Non-Violent Relations” program aims at.
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