How to get along with our aggressive feelings
Anastasia Polyaeva speaks about
  • How to get along with our aggressive feelings affirmatively
  • How to work with our mindsets and approaches to communication
  • How we involve breathing and bodily practice
Key ideas
To feel aggressive is absolutely normal and natural. We often need aggression to assure our safety. If we know how to get along with it, and how to express it, it’s easier to do it in non-violent ways.
BodyKnot model helps to raise the quality of conflict communication.
Breathing and emotions are deeply interrelated: every emotional change leads to a change of breathing, and vice versa. To get along with breathing means to have a choice in every situation: whether to express or to contain one’s feelings, but never to suppress them.
Body and emotions, breathing and aggression, physical and emotional states are all interrelated: there’s never too many reminders to make.